About Us

Brian’s Window Tinting has been serving Hollywood, Florida since 1982. With over 35 years of experience, there’s nothing we can’t tint. We specialize in automotive window tinting. Bring in your car, SUV, truck, RV, or boat for one of our high quality window tint installs. We stand behind the high quality products we carry and the professional work we do every day with our guarantee and a lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind. All of our films comes with a nationwide manufacturer warranty. Meaning after you pay for tint once, you never have to pay again as long as you own your vehicle. We are proud to offer computer-cut window tinting so you don’t have to worry about cut rubbers or scratched glass and we get you back on the road quicker.

Our shop has two large bays accommodating even the largest trucks and duelies. We can also work on two cars at a time ensuring that you get in and out of here in an hour. We know you are busy and we are here to provide fast service done right. Call us for any information or to schedule an appointment today. We are proud of our shop and we know you will be proud of your car when we’re done. Call us now and remember to check our Facebook page for upcoming deals and promotions.

Why Choose Us

Over 35 years of experience

Computer-cut patterns means precision and speed

Low wait times due to our two large installation bays

Quality products that will cut the heat and last a lifetime

Backed by a warranty that will give you peace of mind

Lifetime warranty

Our products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Our window tint products are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Window Film Expensive?

The average installation costs less than most other window treatments. Actually, your investment in window film will return dividends in the form of reduced air conditioning and protection against vandals.

How long will it last?

The effective life of window tint will vary by type of film, type of glass, window construction, compass orientation of glass, and in which part of the world. There are documented cases of film lasting 12 – 18 years or more in some instances. Quality window film for residential and commercial use and is warranted by the manufacturer for a minimum of 10 years, and in residential settings, for the lifetime of that glass.

Can window film make glass become a one way mirror?

It is a misconception that window film can do this. Window film is subject to the same laws of physics as glass. Whichever side is more lighted, is the side that you will be able to see into.

Can I wash it?

New window film, glass coating has about a 30 day curing time, in which it is recommended NOT to wash it. After that curing period, you may clean your filmed glass the way that you wash unfilmed glass. You can use Windex, GlassPlus or any ammonia based product. You must use a SOFT cloth or paper towel, or a rubber squeegee. You CAN NOT use any abrasive or razor blades.

Can it come off?

Most window films are designed and manufactured to specifications that guarantee that they will not peel off from your glass. However, it can be removed with large razor blades and a fair amount of elbow grease; and it will leave your glass unblemished after its proper removal.

Will window film break my glass?

If the incorrect film is applied to a particular glass situation, there is a potential for the glass to crack because of thermal stress. However, our estimators are trained to be aware of these situations. And for further confidence in our product, there is a factory warranty that covers glass breakage for three years.

How does it work?

Window film reduces the three controllable characteristics of the sun’s fading rays.